Blessing Power of the Buddhas: Sacred Objects, Secret Lands

Book cover for Blessing Power of the Buddhas

Blessing Power of the Buddhas

Foreword by H.E. Tai Situ Rinpoche

“We are in an era of great discoveries, and one of the consequences of the rapid advances of science and technology is the widening of each individual’s horizons.

We have liberated many boundaries.

One of the most important elements for development is getting to the heart of the issue through an accurate and direct means.

This book, Blessing Power of the Buddhas, will serve to open up and clarify Vajrayana Buddhist culture, philosophy and principles. I believe this book will be of great benefit.”

This extraordinary account has been a favourite of many readers since its first publcation in 1993 and ranks alongside Andrew Harvey’s A Journey in Ladakh and Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard, but is primarily the powerful story of a spiritual quest for sacred objects and hidden lands and the insights gained along the way.

“This is an excellent, are fully researched book written with exactly the right mixture of accuracy and wonder. It should be of use to seekers everywhere.” Andrew Harvey A Journey in Ladakh, Hidden Journey

“I first encountered Blessing Power of the Buddhas on its initial publication in 1993 and immediately fell under its spell. It was one of the first books I read to truly open my eyes to the mysteries, splendour and profound wisdom of Tibetan Buddhist teaching. Reading its stories of saints and yogis, of miraculous stories and hidden teachings that had traveled across the centuries I felt a combination of awe and amazement – and I feel it still.

This is a compendium of signs and wonders – the strange manifestations from a spiritual realm beyond rational explanation… that serve to point us towards the sublime yet intensely practical philosophy of self-realisation that is Tibetan Buddhism….”

Mick Brown The Spiritual Tourist.

The Dance of 17 Lives: The Incredible True Story of the 17th Karmapa

“This is an interesting book combining the thrill of physical travel with an inner spiritual journey… A sense of wonder and mystery pervades the whole book and there is freshness as well as experience. It explores the relationship between physical manifestations of the sacred with inner realisations… it will appeal to those interested in iconography as well as the esoteric aspect of Tibetan Buddhism.”

Gill Farrer-Halls, Buddhism Now

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