A Dream of the 16th Karmapa Changed My Life

Here is a friend’s experience which he shared after just glancing at the book:

”My wife showed me her new book, The Miraculous 16th Karmapa, and turned to a photo of the ‘Buddha bone,’ found in the ashes after the 16th Karmapa had been cremated. That night  I had a dream – in spite of my logical mind which remains healthily sceptical.

In the dream I was in a room full of spiritual artefacts, like scrolls, and fabrics. I was facing a man who was seated in a high place, at times wearing a black hat and at other times simply a robe. There were two other men in robes either side of us who were noting our conversation. I bowed happily in supplication to this man – something I rarely do. We had a connection which I felt in my heart and head at the same time. I was filled with happiness, love, compassion and a ‘knowing’ that all is well. I felt I had been given something and it was left to nestle between my solar plexus and my heart.

In the morning, I told my wife about the dream. She opened the book to a photograph of the Karmapa in a room at his monastery and there it was!  The 16th Karmapa in this room was the same man I had met in my dream. The room had an almost ‘apothecary and library of wisdom’ feel to it and when I think of it now my mind is filled with an inexplicable lightness.

My experience has certainly re-shaped my attitude. There are things that cannot be expressed in words but are communicated so deeply and intimately through feelings found within dreams, that they cannot be ignored. Craig T.”